Psychotherapy with a Soul
"You have not grown old, and it is not too late
To dive into your increasing depths
Where life calmly gives out its own secret."
-Rainer Maria
Rilke (Austrian poet, 1875-1926)


A different take on therapy.

Many people approach therapy as a last resort, when most everything else has disappointed them.  Some know what they are missing in their lives, but not how to begin to find it.  Others know that something is "off," but not what that something is. 

Whatever has brought you to the moment in time where you are looking at this website, it is a unique opportunity to begin -- or continue -- to experience and to examine your life with another person essentially bearing witness to the process. 

Together we work toward understanding what your struggles look and feel like so you can begin to articulate what you might want and need in your life, right now.  And we go from there, helping you to begin to form your unique questions, eventually moving toward a deeper understanding of those questions, and of yourself.